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Porthcawl YMCA Cafe
Porthcawl YMCA Cafe
Porthcawl YMCA IT Suite
Porthcawl YMCA IT Suite
Hall set up as a conference
Hall as function room
Hall as party room
Art Room set up for Pottery Class
Porthcawl YMCA used set up for a art cla
Porthcawl YMCA Committee Room

We have a variety of affordable rooms available to hire. 
Our rooms are suitable for local organisations, groups, clubs, training, exercise classes & birthday parties. 
Free Wi-Fi is available in all our rooms. 
The use of tv's & projectors come at no extra cost. 
Refreshments are available upon request (at a small cost of £1.00 per cup of tea/coffee). 
Price List:
Art Room -£7.75 per hour
Committee Room-£10.25 per hour
Hall-£19.50 per hour
Cafe-£9.25 per hour
IT Suite-£9.75 per hour
Activity Room 1-£9.25 per hour
Activity Room 2-£9.25 per hour
Activity Room 1 + 2 double room-£17.50 per hour

All room prices are subject to VAT. 
Any 1/2 or full day booking for charities or Porthcawl YMCA members will be worked out at 10% off the original room price, for long-term bookings. 


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